Projekty | Meeting in Wroclaw 17-21 September 2012


In their search for the best solutions, a group of employees of Incubators and Business Surrounding Institutions who are involved in the project decided to hold a meeting for the fourth time in Wrocław (from 17 to 21 September 2012). The meeting included workshops and training sessions on innovative enterprise, commercialisation of knowledge, transfer of technologies as well as studio visits. The meeting was also aimed at discussing good practices that were identified by the partners of the project. Subsequently, there were training sessions conducted by specialists from Italy, England and Poland followed by studio visits to Wrocław Technological Park, Industrial Park and to company Aton dealing with utilisation of asbestos. The meeting in Wrocław constituted an opportunity to discuss the current matters of the projects during Steering Committee on 20 September 2012. The meetings of experts were held twice, i.e. on 19 and 20 September during which details were determined on a transfer of good practices of elaborating methodologies


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