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Academic Enterprise Incubator along with the MANUS Foundation provide the service of pre-incubation which allows young people to try their ideas for business without the necessity to register official business economic activity.

Pre-incubation is an educational service rendered for the purpose of developing enterprise among young people (who originate mainly from an academic environment), in particular concentrated on helping people with their technological and technical ideas from highly innovative branches of economy.

Pre-incubation is aimed at preparing a pre-incubated person to set up and conduct an independent business. The Incubator and the Foundation support pre-incubated persons in all areas of their activities in the following scope:

formal and legal calculations (agreements, bills, invoices), legal advice, marketing advice, essential training sessions, assistance in finding appropriate equipment conditions and facilities.

The service ensures creating their own unique brands by pre-incubated persons whereas the image of the Foundation and the Incubator strengthens their position when making contact with customers.

A pre-incubated person can be an adult before reaching 30 years of age who is a student, a PhD student, a graduate up to 3 years from the date of completing the university education or an employee of Wrocław University of Technology.

Time of pre-incubation is one year with a possibility of extending up to a maximum of 24 months, in justifiable cases.


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