Projekty | Press Conference 17 September 2012


On 17 September 2012 at 1.10 pm (old senate room, building A1) there was a conference promoting the project. Each partner presented its institution and its role in the project. During the conference Pro-Rector for Organisation Professor Walendziewski honoured the guests with his presence and active participation. He familiarised the participants with the District+ project and expressed his conviction as to significance and relevance of conducting international projects supporting enterprise of the academic environment. Afterwards he raised issues of cooperation of the business and scientific environments and the significant role of business surrounding institutions such as Incubators. Marek Kułażyński PhD and Director of Incubator Professor Kazimierz Wójs presented achievements and mission of Academic Enterprise Incubator. Adam Świda PhD Eng discussed the economic development and significant branches of industry of Lower Silesia and gave a lecture entitled ‘Wroclaw as an Industrial Centre of Lower Silesia’. During the conference Arkadiusz Suliga discussed the role of the Marshall Office in the implementation of project District+.


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