AEI | Aim of activity


The aims of AIP activity are as follows:

- comprehensive assistance provided for persons who originate from an academic environment in establishing their micro-businesses,

- incubation during the first three years of existence of newly established businesses,

- promoting and supporting the enterprise of students, PhD students, graduates and employees of Wrocław University of Technology,

- effective use of the intellectual and technological potential of Wrocław University of Technology and transfer of research results to the economy,

- activating the Wrocław academic community to engage in economic business activity,

- active prevention of unemployment among university graduates by comprehensive help offered to the interested persons in setting up micro-businesses and their successful operation during the first period of functioning,

- supporting the process of establishing spin-off type firms cooperating with the University by employees of the University of Technology,

- raising funds supporting the activity of AIP in the scope of academic enterprise,

- initiating and supporting innovative actions of the University,

- promoting Wroclaw University of Technology as a centre of implementing new technologies


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Wroclaw University of Technology, Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator


Politechnika Wrocławska
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email: inkubator@pwr.edu.pl