Academic Enterprise Incubator (AIP) is an academic body that was established by Wrocław University of Technology in 2006. We promote academic enterprise through participation in many events, organising workshops, training sessions, seminars and conferences. We wish to ensure optimal conditions for development of AIP entrepreneurs and support business activeness. We constantly broaden the offer of services rendered by Incubator.

The culmination of our all year round activities are venues such as the Academic Enterprise Festival and the All-Polish Academic Enterprise Competition. The laureates are awarded the statuette of ‘Fortune with a horn of plenty’. During the Festival we promote the idea of entrepreneurship through presenting AIP companies and participation of remarkable representatives from the world of science and business. This year our special guest was Leszek Czarnecki PhD – a well-known Wrocław businessman.

In order to satisfy the growing interest in the offer of Incubator, we have started an investment of constructing a new AIP facility. In the campus area of Wrocław University of Technology on Długa Street a building shall be erected accompanied by studio and laboratory facilities where incubation of more than 200 firms shall be made possible.


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Wroclaw University of Technology, Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator


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